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March 11, 2022 | Folsom, CA

The PTA for Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School invited
me to lead their first in-person event in two years.

It was an honor to read my self-published book to a group of ~200 students/parents and witness all the excited reactions to my illustrations. Guiding them through how to draw sushi characters on their own was a bright reminder of why I started creating stories and illustrations...

to engage our youth and share my craft!

First Author Visit

Interested in having me share my story as a self-published author/illustrator with your students? You can book me!

As an experienced trainer and former teacher, I am comfortable presenting both in-person (preferred) or virtually (if necessary).

A standard event lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes a reading, a drawing activity, and a preview of my upcoming second book release. 

Reach out to to learn more!

Book A Visit

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