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Kendal Shomura

Hi there! My name is Kendal Shomura and I am so excited to share my drawings with you!​ As a former 7th grade teacher, I always wanted to create a book for kids but had no idea where to start. It wasn't until the shelter in place orders from COVID-19 that I discovered I actually COULD draw. I took my illustrations and self-published a book in 2020. It's been an absolute joy to create fun images depicting my favorite food (SUSHI) in everyday scenarios. See Sushi: A to Z  was a true passion project and the support received was immense.

How It Started...

A lot has changed over the past couple years, but the one constant is my passion for creating and storytelling.


I recently dove head first into digital illustration and have
been exploring different perspectives beyond just sushi characters
. This resulted in When You Dream being born.
With 40 pages of illustrations and rhymes, When You Dream 
is a delightful detour from my sushi characters.

  For my other upcoming book, Meaggy & Bubby's Musical Adventure, I combined my new love for digital illustration
with my hand-drawn colored pencil style to create a
unique and enhanced experience for my readers.

...How It's Going

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