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See Sushi: A to Z

The first book in the See Sushi Series teaches children the essential skill of letter recognition through the actions of sushi characters. 

The perfect gift to be enjoyed by the all ages!

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Coming Soon!

The second book in the See Sushi Series, Meaggy & Bubby's Musical Adventure, is on it's way! Follow along with Meaggy and Bubby as they explore the Mt. Fuji Music Festival and travel from stage to stage. You'll be able to dance and listen to music while you read the book...and they will help you discover your favorite genre of music!

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Welcome & Thank You!

See Sushi Series is a collection of illustrations where sushi characters do human things.

Born out of a passion project, I am so excited to see my drawings out in the world.

Thank you for your support on this amazing journey of being a self-published author!

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